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WELCOME TO Beka Rent a Car

Embark on unforgettable journeys with Beka Car Rental, more than just a car rental service; we’re a family-oriented business deeply ingrained in the vibrant landscape of Lebanon.

Nestled in Bouar, our main office and branch, coupled with a convenient parking spot in Oukaybé, ensure seamless access to our services.

Strategically positioned on the Jounieh Highway, our additional branch guarantees that our exceptional services span effortlessly across the region.

Understanding the significance of personalized service and a dedication to excellence as a family, Beka Rent a Car is more than a name; it’s a premier car rental service committed to crafting unparalleled mobility experiences. Our reputation as a trusted leader in the rent-a-car industry is built on our focus on reliability, transparency, and unwavering customer satisfaction. Guided by Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Keady, Beka Rent a Car has been a pioneering force, upholding innovation in car rental services over the past two decades.

Expanding our horizons while staying rooted in our values, we’ve catered to corporate companies, non-governmental organizations, and touristic programs. As a leading car rental agency in Lebanon, our mission is steadfast:

to provide an extensive range of vehicles, ensuring the best quality, service, unbeatable prices, and the latest models for our clients.

Recognizing the importance of comfort and convenience, we boast the longest hours of operation with a 24/7 hotline and the assurance of the lowest guaranteed prices.

Anticipate the future with excitement as we look forward to serving you, providing the perfect vehicle for your needs.

At Beka Rent a Car, your car rental needs aren’t just met; they’re exceeded, ensuring every journey with us is a delightful experience!

Beka Long-Term Car Rental Lebanon
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Embrace Family Values

At Beka Rent a Car, we invite you to experience the warmth of a family-run business where every customer is treated with genuine care and consideration. We believe in extending the same warmth to you as we would to our own.

Convenient Locations Across Lebanon:

Discover the ease of accessibility with our strategically located services. Whether you’re in Bouar, Jounieh, or Oukaybé, our main office, branch, providing you with unmatched convenience…

We put our customers at the heart of everything: we’re driven by empathy, leveraging qualitative and quantitative insights to delight and excite our customers

Diverse Fleet, Tailored for You

Choose from our diverse fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles, each crafted to cater to various needs and preferences. Whatever your journey demands, we have the perfect ride for you.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

We believe in transparency. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clear, honest pricing. No hidden fees or surprises—what you see is exactly what you get, ensuring a straightforward and honest rental experience.

Personalized Service, Every Time

Our dedicated team, led by the Beka Rent a Car, is committed to providing personalized service. We understand that every rental is unique, and our goal is to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Trust us to go the extra mile to meet your specific needs and preferences. Welcome to a rental experience that feels like family.

car rental beka quality

Commitment to Quality

At Beka Rent a Car, our success hinges on an unwavering commitment to quality.

Beyond providing vehicles, we offer peace of mind.

Our meticulously maintained fleet ensures the highest safety and performance standards.

Quality is not just a promise; it’s our legacy.

Committed to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we exceed expectations.

As a family, we take pride in the trust our customers place in us, striving daily to surpass expectations.

Choose Beka Rent a Car for a journey that assures not just transportation but an experience defined by quality and excellence.


Ibrahim Keady
Owner and Chairman BEKA RENT A CAR

Introducing Ibrahim Keady, the dynamic force and visionary leader propelling the success of Beka Rent a Car. With an extensive and impressive background in the car rental industry, Mr. Keady stands as a repository of invaluable experience. In his role as the owner and Chairman, he guides the company with a remarkable vision and an unwavering ambition to propel Beka Rent a Car to unprecedented heights in the realm of tourism.

Mr. Keady’s profound understanding of the rental car landscape is deeply rooted in years of hands-on experience, making him a true expert in the field. His unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in establishing Beka Rent a Car as a trusted and reputable name in the car rental business.

What truly sets Mr. Keady apart is not just his wealth of experience, but his visionary approach to the business. With a keen eye for emerging trends in the tourism sector and a forward-thinking mindset, he consistently propels Beka Rent a Car toward sustained growth and success. His ambition is unmistakably evident in the company’s continuous expansion and innovative service offerings.

Under the adept leadership of Mr. Ibrahim Keady, Beka Rent a Car transcends being just a rental service; it becomes a living testament to the dedication and ambition of a leader who envisions a future where every customer experience is exceptional, and the business continually achieves new milestones.

Romeo Keady
Managing Director - Bouar & Oukaybé branch

Meet Romeo Keady, our dedicated Manager Director for Bouar and Oukaybé. With a solid international business management background and extensive managerial experience, Romeo oversees operations to ensure that our customers in Bouar and Oukaybé experience the highest standards of service and satisfaction. Supported by a team known for their bravery, motivation, and loyalty, they work diligently to serve our clients at Beka Rent a Car. The close connection between branches enhances collaboration, contributing to the best customer service experience.

Wissam Keady
Managing Director - Jounieh branch

Introducing Wissam Keady, Manager Director of our Jounieh branch. With a background in electrical engineering and management, Wissam leverages his expertise to provide seamless and efficient services to our customers in the vibrant coastal city. His team, characterized by their bravery, motivation, and loyalty, works hard to ensure an outstanding customer experience in Jounieh. The strong connection between branches reinforces our commitment to the best possible customer service at Beka Rent a Car.


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