Yes, Beka Rent a Car offers a free pick-up service from both airport and non-airport locations during normal business hours. To schedule your pick-up time or for any additional arrangements, please contact your local rental office directly. Once you are picked up and back at the office, a friendly rental representative will complete your paperwork promptly, getting you on the road quickly.

Please note: Rental offices are pleased to provide pick-up services.

When renting from an airport location, an office agent will be waiting for you with a banner displaying your name.

No, you must be over 21 years old and possess a valid driving license to rent a car.

Beka Car Rental currently accepts only cash payments due to the ongoing crisis situation. The accepted currencies are US dollars and Euros. Credit cards, including VISA® and MasterCard®, as well as checks, are not accepted at this time. Please note that both the rental fee and the deposit must be paid in advance before you can receive the car. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Yes, Beka Rent a Car requires a deposit for car rentals. The deposit amount depends on the car type. Check the “Renter Requirements” section during reservation for specific details.

Yes, you can add one additional authorized driver to your rental car. The additional driver must meet the following requirements:

1-Fulfill the age criteria.

2- Be present at the rental counter along with the primary renter at the time of rental.

3- Provide a valid driver’s license.

Additionally, the name of the additional driver should be added to the rental contract.

Yes, if you are a person with a disability and do not have a driver’s license, you can still rent a car from Beka. You need to be accompanied by a surrogate driver who must present a valid driver’s license.

To change or cancel your reservation with Beka, the process depends on whether you have already picked up the vehicle:

If you have already picked up your vehicle and wish to extend the rental period, you need to contact the branch from which you picked up the vehicle. They will assist you with the necessary adjustments.

If you have not picked up your vehicle yet and need to modify or cancel your reservation, you should contact Beka directly to make these changes.

Yes, you can return your rental vehicle to Beka even when the location is closed, including after hours and on Sundays. Beka has specific procedures in place for early or late returns. However, it’s highly advisable to contact the branch directly to understand the exact process and ensure smooth cooperation for your vehicle return.

Can I Extend My Car Rental?

Yes, you can extend your rental vehicle for a few more days. To ensure your rental extension is processed correctly, you should directly contact the rental branch location from where you rented the vehicle. Please note the following:

The only method to extend your rental at this time is by calling the branch.

The branch will add additional rental days to your account when extending your rental period.

Be aware that your rental rates may change depending on the length of your extension. Generally, longer rentals can provide better value due to the availability of weekly and monthly rate discounts.

Yes, you can pay for the rental of a car for another individual, but there are specific conditions to follow:

Renter’s Presence and Payment: The individual renting the vehicle must be present to sign the rental agreement and make the payment at the time of pick-up. They cannot use a credit or debit card or cash that belongs to someone else.

Renting on Behalf of Another Driver: If you want to pay for the rental car while having someone else drive it, you can rent the vehicle in your name and add the other person as an additional driver.

Adding an Additional Driver: The individual you wish to add as an additional driver must meet all the necessary additional driver requirements set by the rental company.

Yes, cash and Western Union and Wish Money Payments are accepted.

Yes, you can return a rental car early. You will not be charged extra for early return and will only be billed for the days you had the vehicle, except for prepaid reservations. If you attempt to return the vehicle when the location is closed, or to a different location, the following applies:

Returns are allowed after hours, and specific procedures are in place to accommodate your early or late return.

As a customer, you have options regarding fuel for your car rental:

1- Refuel the Vehicle: You can choose to refuel the vehicle to the same level of fuel as it was when you received it.

2- Opt for Beka’s Refueling Service: If you prefer not to refuel the vehicle yourself, you can return it with less fuel, but you will be charged by Beka for the fuel used.

To avoid any inconvenience, it’s often best to refuel the car yourself to the same level as when you received it before returning it.

A car rental drop charge is a fee applied when you return a rental car to a different location than where you picked it up. The amount of this fee can vary based on the rental location and the time of year. If a drop charge is applicable to your rental, it will be disclosed at the time you make the reservation.

To rent a car from Beka, follow these steps:

1- Go to Beka’s reservation page.

2- Enter the location where you want to pick up and return your vehicle.

3- Select your departure and return dates.

4- Choose the type of vehicle you need for your trip.

5- Review your reservation, fill in your contact information, and confirm the booking by clicking “Confirm Booking.”

6- If you don’t receive any message from Beka within 2 days, contact them by sending a WhatsApp message to this number: +9613467516

If you get into an accident in a rental car, here are the steps you should follow:

1- Prioritize Safety: Ensure your safety and the safety of others involved in the accident.

2- Contact Beka Immediately: Call Beka at one of these numbers, which are available 24/7: +9613467516, +96170916564, or +9613732061. Report the incident to them.

3- Follow Given Procedures: The representative from Beka will guide you through the necessary procedures, including how to complete a damage report.

4- Tow Services: If the rental car is no longer drivable, Beka will arrange tow services for the damaged vehicle as instructed.

Always remember that your safety is the most important concern in any accident situation.

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