If you’re visiting the ruins of Baalbek, you should visit Anjar too — and most drivers or tours will take you to both. Anjar may not have the sweeping majesty of Baalbek, but these ruins have something unique: spectacular arches that were designed by the Umayyads. Before the Anjar ruins were studied by archaeologists, there was no other evidence of the Umayyad Caliphate in Lebanon.

Anjar’s ruins are just a stone’s throw from the Syrian border (a mountain range divides the two countries). The city of Anjar is also home to one of the biggest communities of the Armenian diaspora in Lebanon. The city is also known for its four-sided wells.

Anjar is one of Lebanon’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, designated for its ruins, which survive as an example of city planning under the Umayyads.

How to get to Anjar: Anjar is about a 90-minute drive from Beirut. This destination is best seen in tandem with Baalbek and the Beqaa Valley, either by hiring a private driver or booking a day tour. This day tour from Beirut includes Baalbek, Anjar, and stop at Ksara Winery.