Sidon, also known as Saida, is a port city to the south of Beirut. Though it has a storied history, Sidon is one of the lower-key, calmer cities to visit in Lebanon, and one of the easier side trips from Beirut.

Sidon is famous for two places in particular: its outstanding souks, some of the most picturesque in Lebanon, which sell both traditional and modern wares in their traditional small stalls; and the Sea Castle, which was built by the crusaders as a fortress of the Holy Land.

Sidon is about 45 minutes from Tyre, so it makes sense to pair them together on a day trip from Beirut.

How to get to Sidon: Sidon is about a one-hour drive from Lebanon. For public transportation, take a minibus to Sidon (Saida) from Cola Intersection in Beirut. This day trip from Beirut visits Tyre, Sidon, and Maghdouche.