Finally, there’s Tripoli, or Trablous in Arabic — the second-largest city in Lebanon and a place that isn’t on most travelers’ itineraries. (Oh, and it’s definitely not the Tripoli in Libya!) If you do visit, though, you’ll get to enjoy a warm and welcoming city little-touched by tourism.

Tripoli has seen some hard times, and it’s one of the poorer cities in Lebanon. But there is a lot of beauty here — an Old City brimming with Mamluk architecture; dozens of souks, some of which specialize in gold or silver or fruits and vegetables or soap; and friendly locals eager to welcome you.

The El Mina neighborhood of Tripoli almost feels like another city, more like a calm seaside village. Offshore you can visit the Palm Islands Reserve and its protected turtles. Be sure to try some of Tripoli’s famous sweets (and if you’re a foreigner in the souk, everyone’s going to want you to sample theirs!).

How to get to Tripoli: Tripoli is a 90-minute drive from Beirut. For public transportation, take the Connexion bus from Charles Helou Station, which takes closer to two hours. This Tripoli day trip from Beirut gives you several hours in Tripoli, plus a stopover in Batroun or Byblos on the way back.